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Curfboard Surfskate Truck Set SE

Curfboard Surfskate Truck Set SE

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The Curfboard SE ("Silver Edition") Surfskate Truck set comes with an all-silver base and even higher-quality parts. The result is a truckset that is quieter and smoother, both in terms of noise and riding experience.

You want to upgrade your existing skateboard to a surfskate-board with our unique technology? Get the truck set SE and build your very own Curfboard.

(Also consider this exact same Truck set with Preinstalled Curfboard Wheels and Bearings )

Many years of research and development went into the Curfboard front-truck. Its unique design and functionality make it one of the most innovative trucks on the surfskate market. Due to its patented front-truck system without bushings or springs, the truck self-adjusts to your weight and riding level. No tightening, maintenance or manual adjustments needed. At higher speeds, the truck becomes more stable and prevents speed wobbles. Also, without the need for bushings or springs, all your pumping energy is directly converted into forward movement. That means less effort, more speed, just simply more fun. And even during the tightest turns, wheelbites (wheels touching the board) are a thing from the past with our special surfskate truck.

Ideal for…

  • anyone who already has a skateboard or surfskate board and wants to upgrade it to a surfskate with the advantages of our unique Curfboard technology
  • any riding level, whether you want to pick up surfskating, upgrade your skateboard to a surfskate board
  • anyone between 40 – 220lbs (trucks automatically adjust to your weight)


  • 1x Maintenance-free Curfboard front truck SE with the unique no-springs, no-bushings mechanism
  • Standard rear skateboard truck
  • 8 screws, 8 nuts, 1 angled riser pad



  • Front truck width 15cm (5.9inch), weight 485g (17.1 oz) – that’s significantly lighter than any other surfskate truck on the market
  • Rear truck width 15cm (5.9inch), weight 360g (12,7 oz)


Curfboards are traditionally set up with no riser up front and a wedged angled riser in the rear.

We have found that de-wedging the front end (inserting a new angled riser with high side forward) and adding a flat riser to the rear to re-level the board provides a more performance oriented ride with a deeper leen and overall smoother turns.

Our Performance Wedge Kit includes 1 new angled riser (8mm-14mm) for the front and 1 new flat riser (1/2 inch) to be added to the rear. We also include two new 1.75" bolts and two new 2" bolts. You will end up using the original set of curfboard back truck bolts on the front end and these new longer bolts on the rear. You'll have the original four 1" front bolts leftover.


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