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Wedge Riser Kit

Wedge Riser Kit

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Our Wedge Riser Kit was designed specifically with the Curfboard Surfskates in mind.

The Kit contains...

  • 1 Angled Riser
  • 1 Standard Riser
  • 2 Extra Long Mounting Bolts 2"
  • 2 Long Mounting Bolts 1.75"
  • 4 Locknuts

A standard Curfboard Complete comes with a single wedge riser installed on the rear truck and the front truck mounted directly to the deck. 

In our experience, we really enjoy the Curfboards even more with a de-wedged front truck (wedge riser installed with the tall side on the nose facing end) and then an extra riser added to the already wedged truck on the tail end just to re-level the deck. 

Front Truck AFTER Wedge Kit Install:

Rear Truck After Wedge Kit Installation:

So if you are purchasing, or already own, a Curfboard Complete, or the Curfboard Truck, Wheel and Bearing Set, or the Curfboard Truck Set, you already have a single wedge riser and the bolts required to fit that wedge riser. 

Installation instructions: 

1) Remove both Trucks and the angled riser from a Curfboard Complete (or collect both trucks and single angled riser from a Trucks Set). 

2) Take either one of the angled risers and the existing rear bolts and setup the front truck (higher side of wedge to the nose of the board).

3) Stack the other Wedge and the new standard riser and setup the back truck (also higher side of the wedge to the nose of the board) using the new longer bolts included with this wedge kit.    

Note: You will have four 1" bolts leftover from your original complete or truck set. Save these in case you decide to remove the wedge kit in the future. 

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