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Pint, Pint X, GT, GT-S

Come in today for a free Test Ride!

Demo Rides and introductory lessons are available every single day. We have demo units of the Pint, Pint X and GT models so you can ride each one and decide what is best for you.

Please wear skateshoes or sneakers (no sandals or flip flips). We recommend wearing a helmet, a bike or skate helmet is fine. An onsite waiver is required of all participants, riders under the age of 18 will require a parent/guardian signature.

What to expect during your demo session...

For those new to riding Onewheel's one of our staff members will introduce you to the different models and discuss the basic capabilities and differences between them. We'll start with the most appropriate model and our staff member will personally demonstrate how to turn on the onewheel, where they place their feet on the board, how they come to balance and begin riding. We'll discuss the options for coming to a stop and dismounting. We'll then have you stand on the onewheel and give it a try yourself. We may offer to hold a hand or show someone in your party how to help. If you are comfortable we'll give you as much time as you need to ride the board, you are welcome to try out all the models.

We'd love to earn your business and if you decide a Onewheel is for you, we'd love for you to purchase from us. All Onewheels and Onewheel Accessories are sold at the exact same price as they are available from the Onewheel website. There is zero pushy sales process, we dig riding the onewheels and sharing that experience. We encourage you taking your time to decide if a purchase is right for you.

Onewheel Accessories

We carry the full line of Onewheel Accessories including Rail Guards, Fenders, Bumpers, Plugs, Chargers and Stands. We even carry official Onewheel T-Shirts, Hats and Backpacks. We try to keep all colors and variations in stock and available so you can customize your one wheel just for your style!

Helmets and Pads

We have one of the most complete protective gear selections available. We carry both 187 and Triple 8. Many onewheel riders have opted for the full hard shell pad packs for knee, elbows and wrist guards. Hired Hands Gloves from Triple 8 are a favorite, as are the Exosking pads and Certified Sweatsaver Helmets.

Community and Events

Status is an active member of our avid San Diego County Onewheel community. We both participate in and host group rides and are always interested in helping new riders learn about all the amazing onewheel events through the region!

"Cool shop and cooler people! Came to demo a onewheel. Only place I know where that's possible. Pleasure to deal with. Check it out, worth the stars."

Jesse George - Google Review

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