Surfskate Demo Center

Surf your Skate at Status Skateshop, where Skateboarding meets Surfing!

Are you ready to experience the thrill of carving waves on concrete? Look no further! At Status Skateshop, we're passionate about bringing the excitement of surfing to the streets through our unparalleled collection of surfskate style skateboards.


photo by Gabe Sikora


Whether your focus is surf training, pump tracks, flatland loops, parks/bowl, or just a highly pumpable commuter cruiser, we'll be able to recommend just the right collection of surfskates to try

Why Status?

We carry the widest selection of Surfskates in the entire Country. Our unparalleled Surfskate Demo Center provides you the chance to test ride the widest array of top Surfskate brands for FREE! Our collection of surfskates ensures that every rider can find multiple boards that fit their unique style and preferences.

Discover Your Perfect Ride

Every brand we carry boasts its own unique style and riding experience. Whether you're a seasoned shredder or a curious beginner, our diverse selection ensures there's something for everyone. From smooth, effortless glides to radical, high-speed turns, you're bound to find your perfect match.

Our Surfskate Brands

Our demo center includes sample products from each of these brands. The links below show our shop's currently available brand new inventory from each brand, same or similar models will be available to demo.


Benefits of Test Riding

Why settle for guesswork when you can experience the ride firsthand? Test riding allows you to feel the nuances of each board including truck systems, wheelbase, deck shape, wheel size and hardness. It's like test driving a car before you buy it – except way cooler!

Expert Guidance

Not sure where to start? Our knowledgeable staff are here to help! We'll walk you through our collection, offer valuable insights, and answer any questions you may have. With our guidance, you'll feel confident in your choice and ready to hit the streets in style.

Join the Status Community

Beyond providing top-notch products and services, we're also passionate about building a thriving community. Join us for clinics, events, and demos where you can connect with fellow riders, learn new techniques, and share your stoke with others.

photo by Gabe Sikora

Plan Your Visit

Ready to elevate your surfskating experience? Swing by our Surfskate Demo Center today and discover the perfect board for you! Our doors are open everyday, and (as long as it isn't raining!) the pavement is calling – are you ready?

Demo Center Tips

  • Please wear or bring skate shoes or sneakers as opposed to flip flops or sandals for your own safety and protection.
  • You are welcome to bring your own Helmet and/or Pads. We also have plenty of safety gear on hand to both borrow and purchase.
  • No appointment is necessary. 
  • If you have your heart set on testing a specific collection of boards you can always call ahead to confirm we have everything you need.

Contact Us

Have questions or want to learn more? Feel free to reach out to us. We can't wait to hear from you!