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Yow Rose 31.5"x10.25" Surfskate Cruiser wb14

Yow Rose 31.5"x10.25" Surfskate Cruiser wb14

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Size: 31.5″ x 8.6″ x 14″ WB Front: YOW Legasee truck 139mm – Silver Back: YOW Standard 139mm – Silver Wheels: YOW LURRA 60x40mm 80A Mustard Rocker: Nose & Tail Rocker

Board Category: Hybrid/Cruiser

The Rose 31.5” is our take on popsicle skateboard shapes, with some tweaks. Our love and knowledge about street skateboarding was all put on this board. Made in a comfortable size for most people: an 8.6” that feels like an 8.2” when skating with it. Easy to push, good pop and great to carve around with. You will want to take it everywhere, all the time.

The board features a kicktail and kick nose. Pressed with a medium concave to keep your feet glued to the board and get a better carving experience. The shape, closer to a modern cruiser or a popsicle skateboard, features a long and generous tail and almost symmetrical nose. Mounted with Yow’s new patented Legasee truck 139mm, which features a bigger turning radius than standard skate trucks that will bring you a nice surfy feeling, while letting you push with ease.It also mounts Yow’s new Lurra wheels 60×40 82a, fast and soft enough for a mellow ride feeling.

Key Specs: Deck: 31.5” / Wheelbase: 14.65” / Wheels 60x40mm, 80a

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