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Whitetail Whaleshark Supreme - Kodiak - 33.5 Surfskate Deck WB16-21

Whitetail Whaleshark Supreme - Kodiak - 33.5 Surfskate Deck WB16-21

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Whitetail is thrilled to introduce the NEW Kodiak Whaleshark Supreme, now offering SIX wheelbase options, ranging from 16” to 21” - elevating it to the Shark SUPREME status!

Driven by an unwavering commitment to tailoring surfskates to the rider’s preferences and unique style, the Whaleshark Supreme is designed to deliver the same outstanding performance as the Whaleshark Classic. This model offers adaptability to your preferred wheelbases, as well as the flexibility to expriment with a wider range of options, or experience more diversity in your riding.

Meet another member of the Whitetail shark family that's reshaping the surfskating landscape. Say hello to the Whaleshark SUPREME and dive into the world of limitless surfskating once more!

Deck & Remoras Ready to Ship!

MAKE SURE TO HAVE ONE (1) REMORA for the 18” & 19” wheelbase options and TWO (2) REMORAS for 20” & 21” wheelbases. NO REMORA NEEDED for 16” and 17” wheelbase options.

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