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Whitetail Tigershark 33.5" Surfskate Deck Classic

Whitetail Tigershark 33.5" Surfskate Deck Classic

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Whitetail is thrilled to announce the birth of the second surfskate of the Whitetail’s Sharks Series - the TigerShark with 3 wheelbase options, 17, 18 and 19. 

MAKE SURE TO HAVE ONE (1) REMORA for the 18” & 19” wheelbase options.

Driven by the same commitment to tailor a surfskate according the rider’s needs, the TigerShark is designed to unleash the same outstanding performances as the Whaleshark, while being fine tuned to venture into uncharted territories.

Here’s another Whitetail shark who’s shifting the paradigm and redefining the limits of surfskating. Say hello to the Tigershark, and Welcome again to limitless surfskating!

Get ready to conquer concrete waves as fiercely as its aquatic counterpart does in the ocean!

Please select a griptape at least 10" wide for this deck. If you select an option "from roll" we will cut it to proper length. 

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