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SmoothStar 31.5″ Holy Toledo THD Surfskate

SmoothStar 31.5″ Holy Toledo THD Surfskate

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The 31.5” Holy Toledo is ideal for teen to adult surfers 5'4" – 5'8". This is a revamped version of Filipe Toledo's first SmoothStar model has a shallow concave and is suited to surfers who wish to pump and generate speed on flat sections.

The model name “Holy Toledo” was inspired by Filipe Toledo’s nickname when he was just 16 years of age - a result of his radical and progressive surfing style. Toledo loved the looseness of the smaller Flying Fish model on the original Thruster, but needed a bit more drive so a design was created extending all the measurements. Toledo later tested a few different setups of varying width and wheels base distances to finally settle on this version. The 31.5” Holy Toledo with Thruster D gives surfers all round performance. It excels in generation of speed on flats.

The 31.5" Holy Toledo model comes with the new SmoothStar Thruster D technology. The Thruster D is the latest in precision engineering that gives surfers the ultimate surf feeling with 12%-15% more hold. It's also lighter and comes with a 5 year warranty.

What's the difference between the 31" Johanne Defay and the 31.5" Holy Toledo models?

The main difference is that the Johanne Defay 31" has more concave in the deck and the 31.5" Holy Toledo has a flatter deck. The more concave is better for rail to rail turns and you can also perform deeper carving turns.

Why doesn't Filipe Toledo ride this Holy Toledo 31.5" as his signature model anymore?

The Holy Toledo model was created when Filipe was 17 years of age. Since then, he has grown both bigger and stronger. He needed a larger SmoothStar to reflect his surfing, as an adult he is now riding his signature 32.5 Filipe Toledo #77 THD.

Why does the 31.5" Toledo deck have very little concave?

The 31.5" Toledo deck has little concave because that is the way that Filipe Toledo liked it. He is more of a front foot surfer, and typically the less concave a board has, the faster you can go down the line. The flatter deck does however, reduce the rail to rail movement in deep carves.
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