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Skatehoarding Grab n Go XL

Skatehoarding Grab n Go XL

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The Grab & Go XL is the big brother of the best-selling original Grab & Go wall hanger for skateboard completes. The XL is about 3x LARGER than the original Grab & Go allowing horizontal skateboard wall storage with the same Grab & Go storage and display functionality! Yes, that’s right. Now you can store and display your skateboard completes on the wall with the main bottom graphic facing forward.

The Grab & Go XL like the original is a single A-frame design made of pro-grade steel. The incredibly sturdy construction is designed to securely and safely hang your skateboard completes on the wall. The innovative design also allows your skateboards to shine and doesn’t clutter the visual display appeal. The Grab & Go XL hangs virtually all OG, popsicle, and longboards. Get your XL today and join the Grab & Go family! Horizontally wall-mount skateboard completes w/ graphic facing forward Single A-frame design for fast & easy installation- Comes fully assembled Comes with all mounting screws & drywall anchor hardware Works with virtually all OG, popsicle, and longboards Clean design shows off your skateboards without clutter Professional-grade ultra-strong steel frame Dual wall-mount screws for ultra stability Deluxe padded cradle hook arms Sleek black satin finish (Skateboards in images are for reference only and do not come with the wall hanger)

  • Grab & Go XL Horizontal Wall Hanger for all Skateboard Longboard Completes
  • Works with virtually ALL Assembled Skateboards w/ graphic facing forward
  • Professional Grade Ultra Strong Steel Frame- Sleek Satin Black Finish
  • Dual Wall Mount Screws for Ultra Stability- Comes w/ all Wall Mounting Hardware
  • Deluxe Padded Design Cradle
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