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Otang Knuckle Gum & Bar (Purple/Med) Bushings

Otang Knuckle Gum & Bar (Purple/Med) Bushings

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Crafted for quick turning response and smooth edge-to-edge transitions, Orangatang Knuckles are the ultimate high-energy bushing upgrade for carving, pumping, dancing, and freestyle longboarding. Poured in our extremely high-rebound Randy Thane formula for responsive, energetic turning. Juicier bounce, tighter package.

What's in the box? Pack includes two insert barrel bushings, two gumdrop bushings, two large cup washers, and two small cup washers. Washer color may vary.


Two unique shapes for highly responsive and customizable turning. The inner diameter features precise tolerances for a snugger fit around the kingpin. The insert barrel features a small “step” to fill the gap between the kingpin and the hole of the hanger, reducing play in the assembly for a more precise response. The gumdrop is a smooth and subtle blend between a barrel and the more traditional cone shape, providing enhanced agility. The rounded edge allows for ultra-smooth turn initiation and improved interface with the washers.


Diameter: 0.95″ (24.1 mm)
Height (gumdrop, top / road side): 0.64″ (16.3 mm)
Height (insert barrel, bottom / board side): 0.59″ (15.0 mm) barrel + 0.075″ (1.91 mm) insert = 0.665″ (16.9 mm) total
Formula: Randy Thane
Durometers: soft (orange), medium (purple)


Orange / Soft: 65-190+ lb / 29-86+ kg
Purple / Medium: 130-230+ lb / 59-104+ kg


Knuckles are compatible with most reverse-kingpin longboard trucks (including Paris V2 and V3, Bear, Randal, Carver, Gullwing, Tracker, Caliber, Atlas, Bolzen, Aera, Rogue, PNL, Ronin, etc).

They DO NOT work on any traditional kingpin (street) trucks, such as Independent trucks or Paris Street Trucks.

If your truck is not on this list it may not be compatible, so please check the measurements and compare with your current bushings.


In the standard configuration, the insert barrel is placed on the bottom or board side (insert oriented toward the truck hanger) and the gumdrop on the top or road side (smaller/rounded side toward the washer).

Also try double insert barrels (the height of the insert is half the thickness of a Paris bushing seat) or double gumdrops. Replace the included cup washers with flat washers for a less restrictive, more linear turning rate.

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