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Loaded Carver Bolsa C7 Complete 31"

Loaded Carver Bolsa C7 Complete 31"

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Length: 31″ / 78.75 cm Width: 9.4″ / 24 cm Wheelbase: 16-17″ / 40-43 cm Profile: rocker with flared wheel wells Weight (deck only): 3 lb / 1.35 kg

FUNCTIONAL DESIGN – Tailored deck width for excellent turning leverage and seamless pairing with the Carver CX and C7 truck systems and Orangatang 4President wheels. A beefy tail and compact nose (with subtle dished concave) provide excellent maneuverability and leverage for deep carves, slides, and street/freestyle tricks. 7-ply maple construction with custom cross-ply design for optimal stiffness and response. Mild griptape for comfortable cruising and smooth trick execution.

CURVACEOUS CONFIDENCE – Rocker profile and mild concave ensure a secure and comfortable stance. Flared wheel wells increase wheel clearance and create ergonomic reference points for your feet—great for sliding, hard carving, and general board awareness.

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