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Krooked Ladybug Phantom Deck 11.02" WB20

Krooked Ladybug Phantom Deck 11.02" WB20

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Top veneer stain varies

The Krooked Lady Bug Phantom 11, a unique creation by the legendary Mark Gonzales, is not just a visual masterpiece with its eye-catching red metallic sparkle paint and a variety of top stain colors. It also boasts a custom veneer layup, meticulously crafted to enhance both the board’s aesthetic appeal and its structural resilience. The design is further accentuated by strategic cutaways, refining the board’s shape for improved maneuverability and control, making it a dream for skaters who value precision and style.

With dimensions of 11.02 inches in width, 36.8 inches in length, and a 20.25-inch wheelbase, the Ladybug Phantom is a blend of style and performance. Adding to its allure, this board is a limited edition release, with only 500 units available.

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