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Carver CX/C2 Soft (Green Glo) Bushing Set

Carver CX/C2 Soft (Green Glo) Bushing Set

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Changing bushings can radically change how your trucks perform. With the addition of Soft and Medium hardnesses to our Standard hardness, you can now customize your ride with more options to suit your riding style, size, and weight. Softer bushings provide a wider range of rail motion with less resistance, so they're ideal for lighter riders, and anyone else who likes to ride ʻem loose. All Carver bushings are made of the highest quality of hand-poured urethane and performance based formulas for quick and long lasting rebound.

Carver CX Soft bushings are available in 81A durometer and best suited for lighter and younger riders. They flex more so are easier to turn, allowing a wider range of motion and tighter turning arc with less rail pressure. Comes in Green Glo.

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