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Carver C7 Raw 30" Rocket Redux 21 Surfskate

Carver C7 Raw 30" Rocket Redux 21 Surfskate

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Length: 30" Width: 10 1/2" Wheelbase: 16 1/4" Nose: 3" Tail: 6 1/2"

Before the endless charade of social media surfboard marketing melted our minds, real word of mouth made one little board iconic throughout the surfing world… the Rocket, reincarnated in the Redux for a new generation.

All ...Lost boards contain an exclusive “Progressive Rocker” concave through the length of the board. This Progressive Rocker concave is closely related to surfboard construction allowing for a reactive and performance based pump feature while skating.

*Compatible with Carver 68mm Mag, 69mm Concave, and 70mm Mag wheels*

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