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Carver C5 Shark Shredder Mini 26"

Carver C5 Shark Shredder Mini 26"

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Length: 26" Width: 9.125" Wheelbase: 14.125" Nose: 2.75" Tail: 4.875"

Carverʼs new Mini Series has been designed to fit the younger and lighter rider looking for the same high-performance Carver experience in a board scaled down to their size. With bright, fun graphics. The Shark Shredder comes complete with Carvers low-profile C5 truck set, 81a Soft Carver bushings, and 60mm/81a durometer Roundhouse wheels. The result is a surfskate thatʼs lower to the ground so itʼs easier to push, and is set up with softer bushings to loosen the rail resistance so it takes less weight and effort to carve a turn. It is also pressed in 6 ply maple to scale it down to grom-weight.

With a little more nose and a wider tail, this classic board shape harkens to old school pool boards, scaled down for a narrower stance designed to maximize grom-sized performance.

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