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Dragon Formula Wheels - 2022 Product of the Year

Anytime you see Andy Anderson in a skate video, you know you are in for a treat. But here he is riding down this sketchy rough alley, all of a sudden doing 360 spins like he’s on an ice rink. A new all-terrain soft slide street wheel would be pretty cool, but same video, we are at the skatepark, smooth concrete, same wheels are moving fast! A 93a wheel that rides fast on concrete and still slides on asphalt? Was it legit?

Next thing you know this video from Roger Bagley of The Nine Club starts making the rounds: Did George Powell Just Reinvent The Wheel? This only added fuel to the fire. While we had a decent stock of the wheels from our pre-book, we placed a re-up within about 48 hours, it was clear these would not stay on the shelves for long.

Week after week, these wheels consistently just seem to tick all the boxes for so many skaters due to the hybrid 93a hardness and ultra high rebound formula. If you like to skate street and the park, you can have a single setup for both. They are fast on all terrain and will slide easily on both rough and smooth surfaces. (PSA: If you hate to slide, you probably won’t like these wheels) Otherwise you should certainly consider giving these a try!

We are giving these wheels our 2022 Skateboard Product of the Year nod as the proof is in the demand. Hands down or most popular wheel of 2022 and now available in 7 Sizes from Street to Cruisers.

  • 52mm x 31mm
  • 54mm x 32mm
  • 54mm x 34mm
  • 56mm x 36mm
  • 58mm x 33mm
  • 60mm x 39mm
  • 64mm x 36mm

Come on and pick up a set at Status Skateshop or browse the Dragon Wheels from our Online Shop.

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