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Best Kids Skateboards

Status Skateshop is family friendly skateshop and we setup a lot of younger riders with their very first skateboard. We pride ourselves in having one of the most extensive offerings of kids skateboards under one roof. We also have a few kids size boards setup in our demo area to help kids and parents experience the benefits of a properly sized skateboard.

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The challenge in finding just the right skateboard for a younger boy or girl comes down to price, quality, size and features.

Price and Quality are not surprisingly, easily correlated. We have yet to see a good quality skateboard selling under $100. Prebuilt boards from Amazon or Walmart in that $40-$90 range are made with just the cheapest possible components, lousy wood for the deck that warps and splits, bearings that won’t spin, brittle wheels and trucks that just won’t turn.

Thankfully if we look at the $100-$130 range there are a lot better options with good quality components. Of course you can also setup a custom kids size board using a lot of the same components we put on a higher end teen or adult board and come in between $150-$200.

When it comes to size, kids will always do best with a smaller board. While even the smallest child can certainly stand and roll around on full size board, any attempts at maneuverability or manipulation are hampered by that bigger board. There is a reason skateboards come in different sizes to fit the skaters size and style. Smaller skateboards allow kids to have a proper and powerful stance AND proper foot placement on their decks. This is absolutely the best way to learn and gives the young skater their highest potential for success. Skateboards are typically measured by their width and the length is generally presumed to be proportional. Teen and adult boards start with a 7.75″ width deck and generally go up to 9″. Kids size boards tend to range from a width of 7″ – 7.75″.

Features to look for on a kids board are sometimes a bit subtle but actually make a lot of sense. The skateboard’s bushings allow a skateboard to turn back and forth. A kids board should have softer bushings to ensure they can turn their board despite their lighter weight. Skateboard wheels can be hard (100a Durometer) or soft (80a Durometer). Hard wheels run fast on smooth concrete, but can be jittery on neighborhood streets. Soft wheels are much smoother on rough surfaces, but can feel too sluggish at the skatepark. Our favorites kids skateboards recognize this and will come with hybrid 90a wheels so kids can skate at home or at the skatepark.

Our Favorite Kids Skateboards

1. SkateXS – Skateboards for Kids

SkateXS is our most popular brand of kids skateboards. Status Skateshop is essentially the factory outlet for SkateXS. We carry all 6 SkateXS designs in all 3 proper smaller sizes for kids ages 5-12.

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SkateXS offers a unique model where kids can customize the look of their skateboard by choosing their design, the favorite color griptape and wheel color options. Boards can even be personalized with the child’s name displayed on the top of the deck.

These decks are made of a hybrid of bamboo and maple. Bamboo provides a performance upgrade to the deck by offering more strength and pop with lighter weight and longer durability, it is also a more sustainable choice. SkateXS trucks are specifically designed for kids with lighter weight hollow kingpins and soft 83a bushings. The wheels come in multiple colors and are a hybrid 90a durometer to ride smoothly on a wide variety of surfaces.

SkateXS is best known for their Beginner Series of Kids Skateboards with the features described above. More advanced skaters that intend to primarily skate at the skatepark might prefer the Advanced or Pro series setups that leverage components from brands like Thunder Trucks, Bones Bearings and Spitfire Wheels.

SkateXS skateboards are custom assembled and ship out same or next day with free UPS Ground Shipping.

For all the best options please Buy directly from SkateXS Online.

2. Arbor Skateboards – Seed Series Complete Skateboards

Arbor is one of our favorite brands throughout the Skateshop. For skateboarders Arbor is arguably best known for their industry leading longboards and cruisers. However, they are quickly establishing themselves in the street skating scene with team riders like Amelia Brodka and Greyson Fletcher. The seed series of kids size skateboards has consistently been one of our top choices for kids.

Arbor Kids Skateboard Seed Series

The seed series is based on 7ply maple decks. Many kids completes will instead use a lower cost birch construction. The series is currently available in both a 7.25 and a 7.5 size. Typically kids under 8 go with the 7.25 while kids 8 – 10 will be a better fit for their 7.5.

As with most factory assembled completes, the board comes with black grip tape and white wheels, but we really like that Arbor is also using 90a hybrid wheels on these boards. They also use correctly sized Ace brand trucks which we feel is a great reflection on Arbor’s focus on quality.

You can order the Arbor Seed Complete Kids Skateboard online from Status Skateshop with Free UPS Ground shipping.

3. Powell-Peralta Kids Complete Skateboards

Powell-Peralta is one of the most recognizable brands in skateboarding and they have done a great job of making sure kids can ride some of their most popular and timeless skateboard designs in smaller sized skateboards.

The Powell completes are based on a birch wood construction that allows for perfectly reasonable quality decks at a more accessible price point. They leverage the Mini-Logo brand of trucks, bearings and wheels. Mini-logo is sister brand of Powell’s, established many years ago with a focus on good quality skateboard components at entry level prices. It is a perfect fit for this series.

Powell makes this series in sizes starting at 7.0 and going up even into adult sizes. For the kids sizes ranging from 7-7.75 they use medium-soft bushings in the trucks and the hybrid 90a wheel durometer we like.

Browse the Powell-Peralta Kids Skateboards online from Status Skateshop with Free UPS Ground shipping.

4. Santa Cruz Kids Complete Skateboards

As the longest continuously operating Skateboard company Santa Cruz has been a bedrock of the industry since 1973. They recognize the younger skaters with a series of smaller complete boards reflecting the iconic brand.

The Santa Cruz completes are also based on a birch wood construction once again leading to reasonable quality decks at a more accessible price point. They leverage the Bullet brand of trucks with 85a soft bushings. They use the softer 83a wheels on the 3 sizes of kids completes.

Santa Cruz sizing is little unique as they tend to be slightly wider relative to their length. The Super Micro is 7.25 x 27 (they recommend for ages 3-6). The Micro is 7.5 x 28.25 (they recommend for ages 4-8) and the Mini is 7.75 x 30 (they recommend ages 6-10).

Browse the Santa Cruz Kids Skateboards online from Status Skateshop with Free UPS Ground shipping.

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